• Feeling overwhelmed by rapid changes in your industry and life?

  • Lacking focus, clarity or purpose?

  • Want to learn how to make powerful decisions?

  • Are you risk averse yet want to create something substantial?

  • Feeling ill-equipped to resolve conflict?

  • Hosting self-deflating beliefs?

  • Feeling guilty about sacrificing your health?

  • Have you hit a plateau and your productivity is down?

Ready to crack the code on the following?


  • Be present, in control, influential, and know your impact on your surroundings.

  • Feel solid and grounded in your own values.

  • Be able to generate multiple new perspectives which lead to exciting, relevant, and unexplored possibilities.

  • Set up a potent and safe place to vent, brainstorm, and imagine BIG.

  • Be able to resolve conflict with ease and wisdom.

Let's talk business, being, doing, leading!

I offer direct, fun, compassionate, and 'fluff' free coaching.

I'll share with you exciting and effective tools

that will help you develop a clear vision and fierce strategy,

while maintaining an open heart!

Partner up with me if you seek to:


  • You will be able to express your brand as an individual and entrepreneur.

  • You will heighten your awareness of personal and professional power dynamics.

  • You will feel confident and energized to push forward.

  • You will learn to be at ease with major decision making!

  • You will easily shift between ‘big picture’ and ‘small picture’ agendas, so you can better prioritize your tasks.

  • You will learn the powers of LISTENING – an underutilized skill.

  • You will learn to implement personal support structures, so you stay in action and adapt to change rapidly.     

What you will GAIN...
IRIS cb | Career Coach | Life Coach | Ex

​Hi, I’m Iris, a nurturing leadership coach, a groundbreaker, a maker of things and people connector.  Read more...

Iris is an
extraordinary Executive Coach.
She brings intelligence, expertise, motivation and empathy to her sessions.


Jean Bowler 

COO at Green Swan, Inc.



 Coaching equals extraordinary discoveries!​

IRIS cb | Career Coach | Life Coach | Ex



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