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Short Articles

Reinvention - In depth, provocative, and inspirational article!

Choices- This is an excellent blog entry by Frank Sonnenberg about decision making and how to get better at it.

Quantity Trumps Quality (at first) - This story perfectly articulates one of the fundamental Lean UX principles: prioritize making over analysis.

Brain Pickings on the Powers of Day Dreaming- DAY DREAMING offers a necessary antidote to our cultural cult of extreme goal-oriented productivity.

How To Motivate People - 4 Steps Backed By Science - Excellent blog entry about MOTIVATION. Great content, supporting links, and research!

5 Ways To Be Inspired By Your Everyday Life - A Fast Company article about curiosity, one of my highest values.

Why Success Breeds Success: The Science of “The Winner Effect”  - Knowing that, how can we reverse or minimize the 'loser' effect?

Don’t take things
for what they are,
but what they
might be
or what they can be
if you playfully
twist them around. 
Anouk Wipprecht
San Francisco career coach, Life coach, leadership coach, executive coach

Image by Todd Laby

Simone Weil on True Genius and the Crushing Illusion of Inferiority Weil beautifully renegotiates and redefines what is genious. I love her expanded version and the active take on it. 

Game designer Jane McGonigal TED talk - McGonigal shares science based information and practical exercises to boost positive feelings. Her delivery is precise and energetic.

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