"Iris is an extraordinary Executive Coach. She brings intelligence, expertise, motivation and empathy to her sessions.

I have benefited greatly from working with her. She has been a highlight of my experience at

the Venture Greenhouse."


- Jean Bowler, COO at Green Swan, Inc.


about my sample session



“Iris is such an incredibly talented and inspirational person who wins (and earns) trust quickly through her dynamic coaching style! Her natural conversational skills, exuberance and ability to listen and adapt are extraordinary. She gets the most out of you by equipping you to confront and tackle what will make a transformational difference in your life. And she does this with such ease - making the process of coaching seem effortless, which is no easy feat! If you want lasting results, Iris is your coach”. 


- Lisa Smith, Head of Fundraising at People In Aid, UK


"Iris is a terrific coach. I started as a bit of skeptic about coaching; Coming from a successful career as a technologist, I was initially interested in her feedback on my art and how to get my work into galleries. She's been tremendously helpful in those areas, but I've also learned how valuable it can be to have wise person, outside oneself, give feedback, set goals, and frankly to feel a little bit responsible too. Iris listens carefully, and then helps me set meaningful goals. She's direct when she needs to be, but always positive. Invariably, I leave our discussions with her energized and with a renewed sense of purpose."


- Dan Rosenfeld, Director of Product Design at Koozoo

"If I had to choose only three words to describe Iris as a life coach, I would say she is insightful, supportive, and keenly observant. Her coaching style is fun and cheerful while being direct and poignant. She has put me at ease through the coaching process with her friendly and caring demeanor, yet kept me focused and on track... I feel I am more aware of my inner workings, of what inspires and excites me as well as what frightens and holds me back, as a result of our sessions. Iris has successfully guided me in coaching exercises that allow me to step outside of my usual frame of reference. I now see my life and that which I seek to accomplish with new eyes and a renewed joy for the journey ahead."

- Jason Siebenthall, San Francisco

"Iris is very effective because she adapts to her clients needs. She is efficient when it comes to making the best of each minute she spends with you. If you can keep up with her, you will make great strides forward."


- GK, Montreal Canada

"Iris's work has made me friends with my goals, she's made the hard work of being successful, fun. Work with her when you are serious about the structure to reach your destination, with wisdom and laughs along the way, or if you want success in a 1/3 of the time it would require by yourself. Iris is the wisdom to fast track your authentic desires and talents...She helped me smash through the clutter, love my goals again, with the resolve to meet my destination." 


- Joseph Coplans, Denver

"Thank you Iris! I truly appreciated your willingness to journey with me into an area of deep resistance and to help me find more than one path beyond the stuck places. I'm really amazed that in such a short time, we touched on an area so deep with emotion and found some realistic possibilities for moving past the resistance."


- Jessica M.


You are so wonderful. Thank you for offering this experience for me.  I truly loved the time with you, feeling nurtured and nourished, supported and celebrated. You truly have a wonderful gift - a natural talent for this kind of work.  Again, thank you for sharing it with me.


- Marc Morozumi, SF

"I found Iris extremely helpful in getting to the kernel of each issue with me and keeping me on track in a gentle but firm way. I found her easy to open up to. I also found her direct which was refreshing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone." 

- Lauren M.

" Iris listened carefully to my ideas and to my own suggestions for change. I think she is a natural at helping people become more clear and focused about their lives. She lends her strength to others."


- Marilyn Weeks

" Thank ​you so much for your time and wisdom. I gained a lot of insight from our conversations and I feel like I am on a great path because of the information I received from you."

- Donna De Rego

"After just one short coaching session, Iris was able to touch some of the core underlying stuff regarding my relationship to judgment, which had been affecting my relationships. She asked me questions no one had ever asked me before. They were insightful and very helpful. I now have a clear idea of how to continue exploring this issue in a self-compassionate way. Thanks Iris!"

- Gemini Ferrie, LA

My colleagues are saying...

"I have not worked with Iris in a coaching capacity, but I know her as the founder and facilitator of an art critique group of which we are both members.  Iris is a natural coach; her enthusiasm is infectious and it's apparent that she wants everyone to live up to their full potential, but she is also attuned to the group dynamic and the needs of the individuals that comprise it.  Importantly, she constructively challenges group members, providing them with concrete goals and support. "

- Christopher Reiger, San Francisco

"In any critique situation, Iris has the uncanny ability to zero in on the unresolved. She helps in framing and reframing, with insightful comments, readings, and numerous suggestive paths for further investigation.


- Lynn Kirby, San Francisco