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Career coaching - Executives | Founders | Individuals:

  • Have you defined your leadership style?

  • Do you lead complex teams and navigate through challenging circumstances successfully?

  • Have you developed your authentic and confident voice?

  • Do you get credit for your contribution?

  • How are your interviewing skills? (one of my favorite topics!)

  • Are you a confident negotiator? 

  • What’s your presence like? Do you use EQ skills to maximize  your influence? 

  • Are you making the most of managing up or down? Do you engage with mentors and sponsors? 

  • Do you establish a healthy culture around you?

  • How do you hire, fire, and deal with conflicts? 

  • Do you have a solid decision making process? Can you confidently sort through conflicting advice from different mentors/managers/VCs/Board members?

  • Have you articulated your brand as an individual or entrepreneur?

  • For Founders - Do you need support on the following topics: fundraising, managing a challenging board, hiring great people, dealing with overwhelm and adapting to constant change.  

  • Are you aware of your true professional impact?


Classic Topics for Life coaching for individuals:

  • Organization/time management skills/ focus/productivity

  • Stuckness/limbo - learn to accelerate your growth through custom actions

  • Developing a long term vision - 5-10  year goals? (many people don’t ...) 

  • Communications

  • Conflicts and difficult conversations - writing challenging emails to bosses/colleagues/partners

  • Reframing self-limiting-beliefs, so you can do the work you are meant to do!

  • Health, wellness, and dare-I-say balance (let’s talk about balance, of course I have an opinion about it :)


I offer direct, effective, and 'fluff' free coaching. 

Let's talk business, being, doing, leading!

Who do I work with?

  • Executives 

  • Startup founders / CEOs

  • Female leaders 

  • Individuals who wish to design a career path or a career transition with intention

  • Individuals who seek integration between life and career coaching


The process is designed to help you develop a clear vision and put in place a fierce strategy, while maintaining an open heart!

Classic topics for coaching: 
Partner up with me if you seek to:


  • Be able to generate multiple new perspectives which lead to exciting, relevant, and unexplored possibilities

  • Be present, in control, influential, and know your impact on your surroundings

  • Feel solid and grounded in your own values

  • Set up a potent and safe place to vent, brainstorm, and imagine BIG (yes, there is such a thing for each of us, and it doesn’t have to look like SpaceX)

  • Learn to be at ease with conflict

  • Learn to make major decisions without limitation or paralysis

  • Learn to take action and adapt to change rapidly     

IRIS cb | Career Coach | Life Coach | Ex

​Hi, I’m Iris, a nurturing leadership coach, a groundbreaker, a maker of things and people connector.  Read more...

IRIS cb | Career Coach | Life Coach | Ex
"Iris is an
extraordinary Executive Coach.
She brings intelligence, expertise, motivation and empathy to her sessions."

- Jean Bowler 

COO at Green Swan, Inc.


"Iris is beyond fantastic!
... Within 4 months of beginning work with her,
I had successfully negotiated a change of location, a raise, and a new title at work."

- Nathan Pavlovic 




Set up a complimentary

consultation to explore

Coaching with me!

"Iris is an amazing career coach and advisor in general. She has helped me during a critical promotion in my career...All her work is very personal and customize and really makes you feel like her only priority!"

- Arezou Roberts 


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