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IRIS cb _ Career Coach _ Life Coach _ Ex
Who do I coach?

​I am a nurturing power coach and my goal is to help individuals become the giant thinkers and innovators they aspire to be

so that they achieve their full potential.

My forte is coaching innovative individuals in major transitions (e.g., career, personal and professional leadership, life, health) who incubate great ideas and wish to become more disciplined and structured in order to reach their goals.

How I coach...

IRIS cb | Career Coach | Life Coach | Ex

The impact of the process:

'A Pile of Hope' by Masako Miki​

'Spring into Action' by Iris Charabi

IRIS cb _ Career Coach _ Life Coach _ Ex

Failure​ cannot

cope with

Napoleon Hill​

When you work with me, you enter a judgment free zone, a space of trust and confidentiality. I will provoke you and challenge you while also marveling at your talents and celebrating your uniqueness. With my Mediterranean frankness, I promise that I won’t sugarcoat the hard truths that hold you back because I want you to SHINE!!

I thrive on coaching and supporting individuals and entrepreneurs as they design businesses and lives that draw on their unique strengths, engage their talents fully, inspire them to great heights, and make them understand their impact in the world.

I chose to train with CTI because their Co-Active Model is closely aligned with my beliefs. It is based on the principle that people are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole; each person is completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face. My job as a coach is to ask challenging and provocative questions of my clients, then, by listening to and empowering them, I elicit the skills and creativity a client already possesses. I coach rather than instruct or advise.

What happens when you take a close look at what really matters to you in YOUR life?

  • YOU  become motivated and effective in your personal and professional life.

  • YOU  develop new rituals and routines.

  • YOU  create a support infrastructure that helps you sustain new changes.

  • YOU  increase your self-awareness and gain new insights.

  • YOU  increase self-acceptance and celebrate your authentic self.

  • YOU  increase your possibilities and make healthier choices!

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