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The power of workshops:

Group Coaching accelerates learning. Participants often bring diverse set of skills, communication styles, cultural backgrounds, unique life experiences, and interests to the group. “Diversity heightens collective creativity and entrepreneurial energy" confirmes Daniel Goleman in ‘The Nature Of Emotional Intelligence’. In addition, group experience reinforces the learning on multiple levels, it allows participants to see the material, hear it, speak about it, and take action!

  • The setting provides a safe space for participants to try out new ways of being and new communication styles.

  • Participants can harness the collective wisdom of the group – and learn to avoid common errors.

  • An opportunity to develop new strategies and share ideas - reach a variety of solutions.

  • A chance to be held accountable by the group for future actions or lack of them.

  • Participants feel supported and valued for their unique contribution!

  • Participants learn to engage with the world from a place of curiosity, confidence, and leadership.

  • Participants have the opportunity to discover and share their authentic stories.

  • The group provides support, validation, and constructive feedback.

  • Common confession: participants are often delighted to discover in others the spirit of kindness and generosity.

Group Setting - Benefits
Workshops I offer

CCA Career Development Workshop 

Sticks in a bundle
~Kenyan Proverb 


My customized workshops cover various themes including: worries & anxieties, career development, leadership, effective communications, fulfillment, trust & confidence, play & Curiosity. 


NOTE: I can design customized workshops for your organization.


Curious About

my workshops?

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Similar to my private coaching, I believe so strongly in my workshops that I offer my clients a money-back guarantee. 

My mission, after all, is to make YOU feel great.  

CCA Career Development Workshop 

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