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Worries | Worries

​In this workshop, our goal is to champion you and help you maintain and nurture fruitful perspectives. Using a unique combination of coaching, fun experiential exercises, and stress release techniques, this workshop is designed to help you develop new and preferred aspects of being with worries.  We will focus on possibilities, potential, and discovery.

In this unique and nurturing group setting, hosted for the first time at my creative private living room, participants will:
  •  Feel supported and safe and know that they are NOT ALONE!

  •  Have the opportunity to discover and share their experience with worries.

  •  Learn to be in control of their emotions and fears.

  •  Learn to engage with the world from a place of curiosity and observation.


  • Your days are infested with worries.

  • You want to know what fuels your worrying and what does it cost you.

  • You wish to know the difference between GOOD worry and BAD worry.

  • You’d like to learn why reassurance doesn’t really help with worries.

  • You’d like to learn how to break the vicious cycle of worrying and lack of sleep. 

This workshop is for you if:

In this workshop you will learn:


  • To practice healthy habits that defeat worry.

  • To feel content with your decisions, regardless if they prove to be good or bad?

  • To be creative, choose new perspectives that restore you rather than slowly disperse you.

  • New techniques to slow your heartbeat instantly and sooth your mind.

  • Learn to have the upper hand over your fears and worries.


Worries Workshop- We played, learned, discussed, felt nurtured & connected.

         Workshop reviews on


Saturday, October 19th, 1-5pm

  •  Space is limited to 6-8 participants
  •  Fee is $60- $80 per person (sliding scale)
  • Workshop includes variety of organic teas & cookies made and served with love.

  I believe so strongly in my workshops that I offer my clients

  a money-back guarantee. My mission, after all, is

  to make YOU feel great.  

Through playful yet poignant group activities
we quickly cut into the core of our individual fears, clarifying their characteristics and brainstorming creative, clear ways to combat the tight grip they held on us. 
Jason. S 
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